FixFinder seeks to help MSPs, IT Departments, and their clients to break free from Help Desk dependency. Our team is dedicated to working towards a better experience for end-users, and more insight for providers on what’s breaking, being fixed, and not working well on endpoints. FixFinder is a tool developed by people who have worked for MSPs, IT Departments, and Technicians supporting thousands of end-users. We made the tool to help drive utilization down on our busiest clients to keep them productive while we focused on higher priority issues and business growth.

Our Playbook:

We’re a market-driven company that’s obsessively focused on understanding the challenges with supporting others

No charades. We are always authentic in how we engage with our customers throughout the organization

Quality is no accident. We hold our people accountable for bugs, outages, oversights, and mistakes that impact our customers.

We won’t guess what you need. The company is open with our Roadmap to ensure we’re consistently aligned with your objectives

We aren’t here to collect clients, like stamps, we’re dedicated to improving other organizations as partners

Our goals for clients:

Enable our providers, clients, and end-users to decrease the time to problem resolution

Increase the adoption of self-service by acting as a catalyst by bridging end-users to cloud resources

Enable IT teams to focus on higher-level problems while employees self-service for things which are already known

Improve visibility into what’s working well, breaking, and the overall user experience connecting with the technology

How We Align:

We’re interested in your impressions, thoughts, and ideas about our product. It’s been an internal tool for over a year servicing busy clients that are picky, careless, and forgetful. We’ve built up a solid base with a UI that’s dressed for widescale adoption. Beyond that, we need the markets to help to decide how we’ll pave the way for changing how self-service is consumed without changing the sources. Keep all of your tools, we’re only looking to integrate so you can aggregate that information to your end-users.

Our obsession is studying this pain in the market, validate our innovation, and not to selectively listen to prove that we’re right about FixFinder. We’re here to find out the facts on whether it helps your company, and it’s users do things in a better way. We’re not “selling,” we are nailing the solution by focusing on the pain, and the problems with both providers, and the users they serve.

We’re not into the corporate smoke, mirrors, and charades. We know what it’s like to be on these ‘Sales Calls’ where people are patting each other back and celebrating the wins. This rarely has anything to do with the project outcomes. We’ve all worked for sales-driven companies that were a disaster on the delivery side leaving employees to ask, who’s going to do this work? Why do we sell things we don’t do? Why don’t we focus? Why don’t other people in my organization know the reality of the customer experience?

Bugs stink. They clog up the pipelines of continuous integration, creating a system that stops companies from moving forward. We’ve worked on thousands of vendor cases for all kinds of endpoint products. We’re committed to not impacting your users with annoyances or bugs that should have never made it to production. It’s not just QA’s job to make sure this doesn’t happen; we hold our developers accountable as well. Some bugs are unavoidable, but let’s face it if it’s in plain sight, and a user can find it, then we should too. No excuses.

We’re a market-driven company with an open roadmap for our customers. We’ve created 60 innovative new items to vote, comment, and monitor via our Roadmap Site. If you prefer, submit a custom feature you’d like to see in the product. All of the FixFinder users can vote on it, and watch it come to fruition. Other providers make you begin a forum that’s controlled by Product Managers who don’t know all of the right angles, or simply do what they did at their last company.

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