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IT’s proactive service models have long been calling for higher efficiency on the front lines. How do IT’s tools empower, connect, and enable end-users to be successful? How long can we continue to make users dependent on support because they lack the client-side tools to fix problems? It’s no wonder tech-support fraud is so out of control. Most users at the office can’t even install a trusted program they need to do the job. It’s all PUSH; no PULL.

The downside of unlimited services MSP pricing is that many clients will bury you in tickets. We had an 80 seat client who opened 100+ tickets every month for years on end. What were the issues? It was mostly stuff we’d find in their own companies’ knowledge base. They’d forget where to find the IT processes, be confused during migrations, or not know where to go for outages. Users refused to load up any kind of distant URL to find answers. In the hourly billing days, the clients would be more attentive to the budget and question any service’s excessive usage. i.e., End-Users who call dozens or even hundreds of times per year are quickly identified by the people managing the budget.

Users: “What was that URL? What’s the login/password? Nevermind… I’ll grab the phone and call IT!”.

That’s the sophistication of our user engagement as MSPs in the year 2020, with thousands of IT departments using hundreds of vendors that empower the admins to do so much while the users can accomplish very little without them. FixFinder allows users to help themselves, using data from IT’s cloud tools and support resources customized just for them. You get to use the portal for sitting and watching! Jealous? 😉

Our first idea sparked in late 2018 with a prototype of the Troubleshooting Wizard coming to life in the early months of 2019. All along the way, we’ve focused on field testing with real companies, validating user needs, and honing in on a slick UI that’s intuitive for anybody in the office. No guessing or wasting time on things users don’t seek from us on our Help Desk every day. FixFinder was created by troubleshooters to help your clients meet you halfway on the fixes.

Imagine an IT Help Desk where your users have a singular resource to access IT needs. It’s not a distant portal, and because they’re on a trusted workstation, it doesn’t pester them with barriers to entry. You train them to hit F1 or open the magnifying glass icon to activate the tool. That’s it!

Users pull programs/scripts without your help… Instead of waiting for you push the fix.

Users view articles from multiple cloud portals… Instead of turning your team into search engines

Users check the Status of IT systems real-time for outages… Instead of 1,000 people calling you

Users engage with interactive decision trees made into custom wizards… Instead of asking Tier-1

IT sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Users have a tool that let’s them get things done without you.

We want to help you make money while you empower users to help themselves!

We’re just getting started. Let’s connect in 2021 to discuss how FixFinder can help you!


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